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In 1844, the part of Targówek farm known as Targówek Suburb was purchased by Ksawery Konopacki. He designed paved streets, including Szwedzka Street (in 1861), and divided the estate into small parcels. As a result, in 1869, the New Prague District was born. The map dates back to 1874.

Author: Tymon Wodnicki, drawing based on a historic map


1866-1867. The illustration shows the oldest view of Strzelecka Street in the direction of Szwedzka Street (view of the present 11 Listopada Street).

Author: Tymon Wodnicki, drawing based on a historic illustration


23 January 1914 – the postcard shows buildings erected at 20 Szwedzka Street for the Joint Stock Company of “Praga” Chemical Preparations Factory (with the chimney, the brew-house, the glycerin processing plant and the boiler station which have survived until today).

Author: Tymon Wodnicki, drawing based on a historic postcard


Since 1928 the whole industrial compound located at Szwedzka and Strzelecka Streets (including the buildings at street corners, constructed at the end of the 19th century for the Joint Stock Company of Lamp Factory - Brunner Brothers, Hugo Schneider and R. Ditmar) was managed by the oil and fat business group Przemysł Tłuszczowy Schicht SA. The photo shows the view of Nowy Świat Street at night. On the right-hand side, you can see the lighted advertising panel of Biały Jeleń [White Deer] soap by Schicht, January 1934.

Source: National Digital Archives


After the World War II, the industrial compound was nationalized and extended. The production resumed in 1950. The photo from 1957 shows Szwedzka Street, with railway tracks in the foreground and industrial buildings of “Uroda” Production Plant on the left.

Source: National Digital Archives


Production plant joins “Pollena” Industry Union. The photo shows the General Manager of the Plant at the desk in his  office, 1968-1983.

Source: National Digital Archives


25 March 1974. Exhibition of products „Pollena-Uroda”. Exposition of deodorants, hairspray and anti-mosquito preparations.

Source: National Digital Archives


“Pollena-Uroda”. Women packing cosmetic products.

Source: National Digital Archives


Buildings of old factory "Pollena-Uroda" on 20 Szwedzka Street were bought by OKAM Capital.

Source: OKAM Capital Ltd.


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Source: OKAM Capital Ltd.

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